South Park Song Lyrics

South Park TV Theme Song

Musical Interlude
I'm goin' out to South Park
Gonna have myself a time

[Stan & Kyle]
Friendly faces everywhere
Humble folks without temptation

Goin' out to South Park
Gonna leave my woes behind

Ample parking day or night
People spouting HOWDY NEIGHBOR!

Heading on out to South Park this evenin'
See if I can't unwind

[Kenny Season 1]
I love girls with big fat t***ies ; I love girls with big v*****'s
[Kenny Season 3]
I have got a ten inch p****; use your mouth and help me clean it
[Kenny Season 7]
Someday I'll be old enough to stick my d*** in Britney's butt!
[Kenny Season 10, pt 2]
I like f***ing silly bitches; I know that my p**** likes it

So come on down to South Park
And meet some friends of mine!
Musical Interlude